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Fall 2010 Ready to Wear.

I’ve found myself developing a dangerous beauty/cosmetics addiction recently. I might actually find it more interesting than *gasp* actual fashion.

The Prada Look:

Tight chignons, large + knitted headbands. 

What I think of it? I love the tight hairdo, but I’m divided when it comes to the knitted headgear… Opinions?

On the other hand, I’m loving the after-summer bronze look, the dewy glow and the stained lips. I’ve never been a huge fan of heavy eyebrows, but the rest of the face is so natural and flawless, I’ll overlook it.

The Rag & Bone Look:

The look is so fresh, I have no trouble believing Gucci Westman has done it again. This trend will definitely be a hit: glowing skin, natural-looking brows, black eyeliner and a minimal amount of mascara for a great effect.

I needed to put this picture in, because of the nail color. I don’t know if it’s just because of the picture, but those nails look matte. I LOVE MATTE NAILS. And grey is definitely the new hit color.

Picture credits go to www.style.com